Images from the Fish Trap Cabin in Blue Ridge Georgia

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Dan on July 16th, 2012

The Appalachians stretch from Pennsylvania to North Georgia, and as seasoned mountaineers are well aware, the eastern portion of these mounded, rounded beauties is known as the Blue Ridge Mountains. This narrow band becomes not-so-narrow once it hits Georgia, where it blossoms into wide, sweeping, vacation-worthy phenomena like rushing rapids and hike-worthy hills. For a [...]

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Dan on May 18th, 2009

Fall in the North Georgia Mountains means mild temperatures, clear skies and changing restaurant menus. Though the city has much to offer, the fall season seems particularly lacking in entertainment. Gone are the summer street festivals that dotted greater Atlanta just a few short weeks ago. Outdoor movies in the park disappear as fall creeps in, [...]

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Dan on May 18th, 2009

While a metropolitan city like Atlanta has much to offer in the way of cosmopolitan pleasures, it can be a bit more difficult to track down the simpler things in life. Blue Ridge, Georgia is located in Fannin County and offers enough quaint experiences for a lifetime, only about 90 minutes outside of Atlanta.
Home to [...]

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Dan on May 18th, 2009

History of the Swan Drive In Theatre

In 1949, Jack Jones, Sr., Bernice Kiker Tilley, and W.H. Tilley, Jr. (known as “H” Tilley) purchased the Rialto and Royal Theatres, Blue Ridge, Ga. from Willard and Betty Mowbray. Shortly after the purchase, Bernice sold her interest to Jack and “H”. The Rialto Theatre had been built in [...]

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Dan on May 18th, 2009

Wildwater Ltd

Offers a “Quality Service Guarantee”, so experience their “Silver Service” on the Ocoee River, Nantahala River or Chattooga River. The Ocoee River with big, closely spaced rapids makes it one of the most popular whitewater rivers in the nation. No other river in the Southeast offers the degree of challenge, safety and consistent water [...]

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Dan on May 18th, 2009

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Dan on May 18th, 2009

Blue Ridge Mountains

Scenic Byway

The Blue Ridge Mountains in northeast Georgia make up the state’s highest mountain range. The range of rugged ridges and rounded, weathered peaks varies in elevation from 1,600 to 4,700 feet and harbors spectacular mountain scenery, as well as some of the world’s richest biological diversity. In addition, the range contains Georgia’s [...]

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Dan on February 11th, 2009

Look for extended-stay hotels and houses or condominiums for rent that provide you with more space, kitchens, laundry and other amenities. These accommodation options reduce the stress on family vacations that often comes from too many people sharing a small room—the less crowded you feel, the more likely you’ll able to fully relax.

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